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Correction Policy

Correction Policy

At The Telugu News , we are committed to providing accurate and reliable news to our readers. However, we recognize that errors may occasionally occur despite our best efforts. When errors are identified, we are dedicated to correcting them promptly and transparently. This Correction Policy outlines the procedures we follow to address inaccuracies in our reporting:

1. Identification of Errors

If you believe that any information published on is inaccurate, please notify us immediately. Errors may include factual inaccuracies, misquotations, typographical errors, or any other content that does not meet our editorial standards.

2. Correction Process

Upon receiving a notification of an error, our editorial team will promptly investigate the issue and verify the accuracy of the information. If an error is confirmed, we will take the following steps:

Correction: We will correct the error and update the relevant article(s) with accurate information.
Transparency: Corrections will be clearly labeled and appended to the original article(s) to ensure transparency. The date and nature of the correction will be specified.
Apology  if necessary : In cases where the error has caused harm or misunderstanding, we may issue an apology to affected parties.

3. How to Report Errors:

To report an error or request a correction, please contact our editorial team through one of the following channels:


4. Editorial Accountability: is committed to upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity and accountability. Our editorial team takes full responsibility for the accuracy of our content and is dedicated to continuously improving our processes to minimize errors.

5. Updates to Correction Policy:

This Correction Policy is subject to periodic review and may be updated as needed to reflect changes in our editorial practices or industry standards. Any updates to the policy will be clearly communicated to our readers.

Date of Last Update: 23-03-2024

Thank you for your continued trust in The Telugu News . We value your feedback and remain dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable news coverage to our readers.


The Telugu News Editorial Team

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The Telugu News Technical Team

Tandu Ramalingaiah ( Ramu )