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DNPA Code Of Ethics For The Telugu News Website


News Source : The Telugu News

Website :

Creating a code of ethics for The The Telugu News websites involves establishing guidelines and principles that promote accuracy, fairness, transparency, and integrity in reporting. Here’s a sample code of ethics tailored for The Telugu News website :

1. Accuracy and Truthfulness:

– We are committed to reporting accurate information to the best of our abilities.
– We will verify facts and check sources before publishing any news story.
– Corrections to errors will be promptly made and clearly communicated to our audience.

2. Independence and Impartiality:

– We will maintain editorial independence and resist any external pressure that may compromise our integrity.
– Our reporting will be impartial, and we will strive to present diverse perspectives on issues of public interest.

3. Transparency and Disclosure:

– We will disclose any conflicts of interest that may influence our reporting.
– Sponsored content, advertising, or any other forms of paid content will be clearly labeled as such to avoid confusion with editorial content.

4. Respect for Privacy and Sensitivity:

– We will respect individuals’ privacy rights and refrain from publishing private information without consent, except in cases of overriding public interest.
– We will exercise sensitivity when reporting on matters involving personal tragedies, vulnerable individuals, or sensitive topics.

5. Responsible Use of Sources:

– We will attribute information to its original sources and provide proper context for quotes and data.
– Anonymous sources will only be used when necessary, and their credibility will be carefully evaluated.

6. Accountability and Corrections:

– We will be accountable to our audience and address their concerns or complaints in a timely manner.
– Corrections will be prominently displayed on our website, with explanations of the errors and steps taken to rectify them.

7. Avoidance of Sensationalism and Clickbait:

– We will avoid sensationalism, exaggeration, or misleading headlines to attract clicks.
– Headlines and story summaries will accurately reflect the content of the article.

8. Protection Against Harm:

– We will exercise caution when reporting on sensitive issues that could cause harm or incite violence.
– Content that may be distressing to certain audiences will be accompanied by appropriate warnings.

9. Respect for Diversity and Inclusivity:

– We will strive to represent diverse voices and perspectives in our reporting.
– Discrimination, harassment, or hate speech will not be tolerated in our content or interactions.

10. Compliance with Legal and Ethical Standards:

– We will adhere to all applicable laws and regulations governing journalism, including copyright, defamation, and privacy laws.
– Our actions and decisions will uphold the highest ethical standards of journalism.